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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL 2016 - Update #2

Told you I'd be back again real soon!

As I am sure most of you are aware it was GG day on 15th of the month - which means I am late posting.. again!

But I have a very good reason why.... I picked up one of my old GG pieces on Sunday, and as I was so close to finishing it I thought I would get the last of the stitches in and then I could show you a finish!

So here goes...

Lizzie Kate - Joyeux Noel 
Giveaway win from Kay's Random World - link to Kay's original giveaway post here and link to my post about the giveaway win is here

Tiny Tidings XV - Lizzie Kate
The last time that you saw 'Joyeux Noel" was in the August 2015 update when it looked like this:

"Joyeux Noel" - Designer: Lizzie Kate
as at August 2015
And now it is finished......

Finish #6
Joyeux Noel - Lizzie Kate's Tiny Tidings XV

"Joyeux Noel" - Designer: Lizzie Kate
Finished: 16 February 2016
The chart does suggest stitching a gold bow charm to the top of the "O" in Noel but as I don't have the LK embelishment pack for the charts I don't have the bow.  If I can locate a little bow I will add it but I think it looks ok without it.... after all the gold beads and gold flecked fabric add a nice bit of bling!

So another finish for 2016 ticked off the list.... and another 2015 WIP done and dusted!

Don't forget to visit Jo's blog for the link ups to everyone's GG post for the month.  I am so far behind on reading everyone's blog posts, but I am slowing getting around to seeing what everyone is doing in blogland.

So that's it for me today - 2 posts in one day - goodness me... bet you all nearly fell off your chairs when you saw 2 posts!! :o)

Til next time, happy stitching
Hugs xx 

Jo from Serendipitous Stitching hosts the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL.  The GG SAL is about stitching charts/kits or using fabrics & threads that we have received as gifts, won in giveaways or anything that is intended be a gift or giveaway prize... or anything else that you can loosely use the word "gift" for!!  If you wish to sign up for this SAL, click on the button below or the button on my sidebar and you will be re-directed to Jo's blog.


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. This cute finish was worth waiting for too! Don't forget to link up on the Feb post.

  2. Lovely finish! I agree, it looks perfect without the bow.

    I'm really enjoying GG this year, so much lovely gifted stitching going on.

  3. Love your LK finish and congratulations:)

  4. Aww congratulations dear
    Lovely finish
    Big hugs x

  5. Nice finish! Love Pumpkin Man too!

  6. Congrats on another cute finish Noni.


  7. It was worth the wait. Too cute! Congrats on the finish! I agree with you it looks perfect now.

  8. Yay for a GG finish. I love stitching pieces gifted by my blog/cross stitch friends.
    Thank you for your comment on my post.Don't worry about me being a no-reply blogger. If you reply to my comment on your blog ,the message will reach me :)

  9. It looks great! You could always use a little ribbon bow too but it looks good without it :)

  10. I think it looks very sweet as is Noni. You could always stitch a gold bow if you cannot locate one and want a bow.

  11. Congrats on your sweet little finish, it looks really cute!

  12. Great finish for GG, Noni, well done! Love all the bling on it.

  13. Congrats on finishing a nice project!

  14. Yay a finish! I think it looks fine without the bow! :D Although you could be really brave (crazy??) and tie a tiny bow in metallic floss if you wanted something desperately~

  15. What a beautifull win!!
    Congratz on your lovely finish!!
    You have been really busy1
    I can't understand you still can see a needle.. hihihi
    Are you sleeping with them also?

  16. Another finish - you're just moving along very nicely. Lovely pattern and I don't think it needs a bow either.

  17. Lovely finish, a lot of stitchers are working on Christmas patterns (make me feel in good company). What about the ¨ of Noël? Bisous.

  18. That's such a sweet little finish that you stitched for the GG SAL. And it looks great without the gold bow, I think.


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